Another post with random thoughts

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I spent the weekend hiking in Mont Tremblant and Gatineau Park. Each day, I went on 3-4 hour hikes. It was amazing! It reminded me of my trip to Jasper National Park during the summer of 2015. As I was hiking, I couldn’t help but tell stories about the Rockies. I want to go back and I know I will, one day. I will make it happen…

I just finished working out at the gym in my condo. It’s my second time there, and the first time I worked out with another resident. It was an interesting experience. “Do I say hello?” I asked myself. Of course I did, and we evidently spoke about the American elections (don’t get me started). Condo living is weird! Condos are their own vertical community. In my building I have access to a variety of different services, all paid for through my condo fees. Theoretically, I would never have to leave my building…(creepy thought, isn’t it? I would go insane).

In communications, I work from home. I love my full-time job, but it can isolating. That’s why I love bering an escort. Working as an escort fulfills an economic need (remember those condo fees?), but it fulfills many other needs for me too: the need for company, sex, laughter, tenderness, sensuality, and kindness… it fulfills different things for different people, right?

I’m in a really good place in my life. I feel calmer now than I have in years. I’m exactly where I want to be and feel no rush to head into the future which is weird for me, because I’m always thinking about tomorrow and the next meal (I love food).

I’m developing new friendships and relationships, deepening existing bonds, and my heart is open to all that life has to offer me. I wonder what the world will gift me?

I feel so much joy. xo

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