Ask Me Anything

The story Behind

1.What services do you offer in-person?

When it comes to sharing time with me, our chemistry is what determines the kind of fun we’ll have together. Moods and tastes change, and I like to leave room for different kinds of sexual adventures. After all, no two experiences are—or should be—alike! Whatever happens, I know that our encounter will unfold exactly as it should: with pleasure, connection and mutual fulfillment in mind. With that as a foundation, we’re sure to meet each other’s needs and surpass all our expectations.

I provide a safe girlfriend experience (covered blowjobs and covered full service). I don’t offer anal sex, but I do occasionally enjoy a little bit of anal play with the right person.

I also provide sliding-scale services for people with a lower income, such as people living in poverty. Please get in touch with me if you would like to access my sliding scale rates.

2. How can I purchase your online content?

While I do not show my face on TwitterInstagram or on my website, I show my face in all my Erotic Content, including in my full-length porn video and the photos in my Erotica Gallery. All prices listed on my website are in Canadian dollars.

Due to stigma against sex workers, and discrimination by third party payment processors and the banks (more on this here), I cannot accept Credit Card payments directly on my website. I accept the following payment methods for my videos:

  • PayPal for clients with a recent reference from an independent sex worker (escort or massage attendant). PayPal isn’t a sex worker-friendly platform so I need to be careful who I accept transfers from, to make sure there are no chargebacks.
  • Interac e-Transfer sent to (set the password to Nat2020).
  • An e-gift card from the store of my choice (please e-mail me for details).
  • or finally, on PocketStars. Please note that prices on PocketStars are listed in USD and PocketStars takes 10 percent of all my earnings.

My Erotica Gallery includes full nudes and intimate photographs. It is updated regularly with new and exciting photos. Access to my Erotica Gallery costs $250 for the year and I accept payment in the methods mentioned above.

When you purchase a video, I will send you a Google Drive link to the full-length video once I receive payment. If you purchase a membership for my Erotica Gallery, I will send you your unique Username and Password to access it once I receive your payment. Thank you!

3. What do you consider to be a fetish service? Why are your rates higher for this service than for your companionship?

These are good questions. Thank you for asking. Fetish services, like domination, are art forms that require more preparation and mental energy than my companionship does. I charge more for my time because these appointments are more demanding of my time and energy. My fetish services include strap-on services and negotiated power play (I’m a top, not a bottom; this means I’m not submissive in these encounters). I say power play here rather than power exchange because I enjoy offering playful, sensual domination. Bottoming and pain are not services I offer, and I will not tolerate being hurt in any way. When I book fetish appointments, I anticipate having grateful, receptive clients who are interested in receiving what I’m offering and will get pleasure from the experience. Whether it’s your first time experiencing this kind of erotic adventure, or you’ve been enjoying it for years, I welcome you to contact me for more information.

4. Do you enjoy encounters with women? What about couples?

Yes to both. Very much so. I’ve had several romantic relationships with women in my personal life and really enjoy being sensual and sexual with women. I have had clients with gender expressions ranging from very feminine to butch (regardless of biological sex), and I welcome you to spend time with me exactly as you are. My rates are the same whether you are coming to see me solo or with a partner.

5. If I would like to buy you a gift, what would make you happy?

While gifts are always welcome, they’re not necessary. I truly enjoy companionships and creating online content when I feel sexually inspired. Being respectful is gift enough, and providing us both with a safe space to be intimate is what I treasure most. However, if you’re keen to buy me a gift, look at my AddWish page. I have a P.O. Box for those that cannot deliver their gift in person, or cannot do so due to the pandemic or because they are too far from Ottawa. Please e-mail me for my address.

6. How do you screen new patrons?

It’s a simple but important process for both of us. I need your first and last name as well as a reference from another established, independent escort or massage provider. I also need your telephone number for verification purposes. Please know that I value and respect your right to privacy. I will never call or text you without confirming I can do so by email first. This contact information is simply for verification purposes. If an additional call is necessary, I will negotiate an appropriate time with you in advance. Note that I do not accept references from agencies.

If references are not an option for you because you’ve never seen a provider before, I would be happy to screen through other means. Usually, this means contacting me at least 7 days before your requested appointment time so we can get to know each other and develop trust, intimacy and a certain level of comfort with each other. Chatting on the telephone before we meet is always a good idea, regardless of whether you have a reference. But it is necessary for those with no references at all.

7. Are you being exploited? Is this really a choice?

You’re lovely to ask. I would be equally worried about exploitation and choice in the context of sex work. As a privileged, white, able-bodied, and educated young woman, this is a choice I’ve made among many equally appealing opportunities. I work full-time outside of escorting in communications, and feel extremely fulfilled in my employment. I enjoy the interpersonal intimacy that sex brings, and companionship has brought a lot of happiness and fulfillment to my life.

8. Do you have a preference for the race, ethnicity, or ability of your patrons?

I welcome patrons from all walks of life to spend time with me as they are. It’s not in my nature to discriminate against people because of things like race, gender, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, citizenship status, religion, or ability. I strive hard to eradicate the ‘isms’ in my own life and in society more broadly. My space is intended as a safe place for everyone to be themselves with me and enjoy the gifts of erotic pleasure. If you have a specific concern or need in regard to an encounter, feel free to contact me so we can discuss it and ensure that you’re as comfortable and fulfilled as possible.