Bikes and Poetry

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Where did September go? Where did the summer go? As I was driving this morning it was 2 degrees Celsius. Yesterday on my bike ride I needed to wear a skull cap to keep my ears warm. I shouldn’t complain. Autumn and winter are my favourite seasons. I love the cold weather, and wearing layers. I need to go to Mountain Equipment Coop to buy some windproof/waterproof biking gear. I want to try cycling until late November if possible. Maybe someday I’ll start biking in the snow if I feel confident enough…crazy, I know 😉

I need to take a break from biking for a little while though, my wrists are getting a little bit sensitive.

In the autumn I make a lot of squash soups. I love a curried buttercup squash soup. It’s delicious! I also love eating risottos and creamy dishes. My body wants to hibernate and I indulge in all of its desires.

I’m planning a trip to Mont Tremblant right now. I’m hoping to hike up once the leaves have changed colour. I love hiking! One of my favourite trips was when I hiked in Jasper National Park. It was the best trip of my life, no doubt about it. I didn’t even know that I liked hiking until I was there. Did you know in 2017 it will be free to enter the National Parks? Can’t wait… I’m in planning mode for next summer! I’m almost certain I will end up in Jasper again.

I’m looking forward to moving less. In the past 10 years, I’ve moved 12 times. Isn’t that insane? Every time I move I purge and get rid of things I don’t need or can’t be bothered to move with. It’s cathartic and discombobulating simultaneously. I’m looking forward to settling down.

Alright, that’s all for now,

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