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Recently I went on a trip to Boston with my mother. She was so excited! She’s only been to the U.S. once or twice, so it was quite a treat for her. My mother doesn’t travel much in general. I love her dearly and like to treat her to various luxuries in life.

I bought tickets to see the Dresden Dolls with Amanda Palmer on Friday the 26th of August, and then on Saturday and Sunday we were tourists. We took the Hop on Hop Off bus, went to an amazing restaurant called Figs in Beacon Hill, shopped around Antique Row, ate crab along the shore, watched the sunset over the Winthrop Beach…

I found a really beautiful pair of marcasite earnings in an antique store and almost bought them. They looked like this:

I’m hoping someone might offer me a pair as a gift someday 😉

Next week I’m off to Brazil for a conference. I leave on Tuesday the 6th and I’m back on Tuesday the 13th. I’m really looking forward to going. There will be a lot of sexual and reproductive health activists – so I will fit right in! This is an unexpected trip, but a worthwhile one. I’ll definitely write another blog post when I get back.

On a completely random note, I am so. fucking. happy with where my life is right now. I’m saving up money for a downpayment on a house (thank you, sex work!) and living life to the fullest. I recently incorporated my business as a communications consultant and I’m slowly yet surely planning my future. I’m enjoying the present moment 100%, and loving life and where it’s lead me. I’ve learned so many valuable lessons over the past few years, and I love how quickly I bounce back from adversity.

Without those challenges, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Without those challenges, I wouldn’t be as happy as I am today.

In fact, without those challenges, I wouldn’t be who I am today, and I love myself!

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