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8 min 24 sec$100 CAD

Luxuria Studio filmed Jeff and I during an intimate moment. This video gives you a voyeuristic view, with some great point-of-view shots and closeups.

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13 min$60 CAD

This was the first time I ever filmed myself masturbating, and the first erotic film I ever sold. This fully amateur video is 13 minutes of pure, wet, and tantalizing …

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18 min 02 sec$150 CAD

Genevière Marceau is the best Daddy. She punished me for being too sexy during my yoga class, and took my ass in this kinky video. This role-playing session includes forced …

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15 min 05 sec$150 CAD

Jeff is a lucky man, getting a blow job from Ellie Weisz and I! Our cumfull kiss at the very end of the full-length uncensored video is magical. I hope …

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21 min 14 sec$100 CAD

Who doesn’t like a creampie video? In this video, Jeff and I have lots of fun including 69, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy style and lazy doggie…ending explosively inside of me. …

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17 min 32 sec$60 CAD

Who doesn’t like to start the morning off with some fun? I loved teasing myself through my silk panties in this video. I got so wet…you’ll see!

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While I do not show my face on TwitterInstagram or on my website, I show my face in all my Erotic Content, including in my full-length porn video and the photos in my Erotica Gallery. All prices listed on my website are in Canadian dollars.

Due to stigma against sex workers, and discrimination by third party payment processors and the banks (more on this here), I cannot accept Credit Card payments directly on my website. I accept the following payment methods for my videos:

  • PayPal for clients with a recent reference from an independent sex worker (escort or massage attendant). PayPal isn’t a sex worker-friendly platform so I need to be careful who I accept transfers from, to make sure there are no chargebacks.
  • Interac e-Transfer sent to (set the password to Nat2020).
  • An e-gift card from the store of my choice (please e-mail me for details).
  • or finally, on PocketStars. Please note that prices on PocketStars are listed in USD and PocketStars takes 10 percent of all my earnings.

My Erotica Gallery includes full nudes and intimate photographs. It is updated regularly with new and exciting photos. Access to my Erotica Gallery costs $250 for the year and I accept payment in the methods mentioned above.

When you purchase a video, I will send you a Google Drive link to the full-length video once I receive payment. If you purchase a membership for my Erotica Gallery, I will send you your unique Username and Password to access it once I receive your payment. Thank you!