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Good evening,

I’m sitting on the couch, looking at my Christmas tree decorated with ornaments from all of my travels. I’m reflecting on life and love, and what it means to be merry.

I just submitted my final assignment for my course, and now I get to enjoy 7 blissful weeks off before I start another 5 week course. I’m almost done my program! I have 5 courses left before I start my placement as a psychologist. Isn’t that exciting? In theory I could finish very soon, but I like taking 1-2 months off between courses, otherwise I’ll burn out. It’s a lot to manage OIC, work, my daughter, school, etc. Too much sometimes!

This holiday season I sponsored two families through the Caring and Sharing Exchange program, and helped raise items for a Christmas hamper for a Syrian refugee family through my daughter’s daycare. There is so much more I could do, so many more ways I could use my privilege to help those in need. I do my best, while saving for my own future and my daughter’s future. It’s a hard balancing act.

I’ll be away from December 20 to January 2, and then away again from January 13 to January 22. I’m heading to Mexico with my daughter! I can’t wait! I’m going to a lovely all-inclusive resort. Very exciting.

Alright, I’ll end here for now. I’m getting drowsy and want to rest…

Much love to you all!

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