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I’m off to Montréal for a weekend getaway with my mother. I had such a lovely time when I was with her in Boston. I committed to going on 1-2 trips with her per year. Little weekend retreats to various places of interest. I rarely get her to myself, since I have 23 first cousins that all live within 5km of her.

My mother and I have not always had the easiest relationship. There was a period when we thought it was best not to speak to one another. When we finally decided to talk, we met halfway between Ottawa and Québec City in Montréal. I’m very happy to have her in my life again, and work very hard to have an authentic relationship with her. I think all relationships come with challenges, why should our relationship with our parents be any different? Caveat: I respect anyone who has decided, for their own mental or physical health, to not speak to their parents. I’m just not in that boat.

On a completely unrelated note, I just discovered Indy Companions. I started advertising there as a “Touring Companion.” I have no idea how often I’ll go to Montréal, but I’m really excited to be a part of their community and contribute in the ways that I can.

Sex work can be very isolating. Many sex workers don’t tell their partners’ about the work they do. They don’t tell their friends or family. Many sex workers work alone, advertising their services online. Sex workers that lack experience in the industry are particularly vulnerable to human rights abuses and exploitation by clients, managers, and law enforcement, which makes collectives like these even more important. It’s really important that sex workers stick together and help each other out. I’m so privileged to be surrounding by people who love and appreciate me, and support the work that I do. My mother, step-father, brother, friends, and lovers all know what I do and support me 100 percent.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed on Twitter, I’ve been reaching out to other sex workers. I’ve met with Jezebel Valentine, Delilah Sansregret, Ella Black, Natalie Wood, Amber Rose, Daisy Dukes, Exclusively Mia, Blair Ashford, and already have a lovely friendship with Megan Lyle, Bethany Westbrooke, and Ben Thomas. I want to reduce isolation and share knowledge, power, and experiences.

Whore power! Nat

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