Intimacy, pregnancy and sex work

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I’m in my second trimester of pregnancy, and it’s glorious. I’m so excited to start this journey, and share my pregnancy with select men, women, and couples in Ottawa and beyond.

Working as an escort has provided me with the opportunity to save for my maternity leave, buy a house, and ensure my financial security and the financial security of my unborn child. It’s also giving me opportunities to explore sex, intimacy, and sexuality in a new way with people who love my body exactly as it is.

I love all the changes to my body! My breasts are larger, and my nipples are more sensitive. Everything about my body feels different, but I still feel as sensual and erotic as I did before. Being pregnant doesn’t mean I become a Madonna, no (although this situation does give the whore/madonna dichotomy a new meaning, don’t you think?). I want to have adventures.

If someone had asked me one year ago whether I would be sitting  on my new sectional sofa, in my new house (now you can see why I bought a house, eh? Nesting), writing this blog post, I would have said “are you fucking insane?” but life has a way of working out exactly as it should, don’t you think? I’ve wanted to have a child for years but kept waiting for the ‘right moment’, the ‘right job’ (with benefits), & the ‘right partner’ (or partners). It turns out I have all of those things, and I was just scared to take the plunge.

Well, here we go life!

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