I really appreciate that some people have taken the time to write a recommendation or review about me. Thank you!

By DenmarkVesey on The Erotic Review November 2017

Easy to schedule and great communicator. Nathalie is a zen master of love. Well read, a skilled yogi, she is totally connected to her sexuality and sensuality and loves to share it. She is beautiful and graceful with an easy laugh or giggle. She is now pregnant so ymmv however in her heightened hormonal state her sex drive and appeal is even higher! If you haven’t meet Nathalie yet, run….she is worth the risk of breaking your neck! I would repeat in a heart beat. VIPs read on.


By PEIHarleyRider on TERB March 2017

A true gem, I’m torn at writing this review with the fear that she gets busy and that means less time for me, part of me wants to keep her a secret, but if nobody shared their gems the boards would be pretty quiet.

I have had the pleasure of meeting with Nathalie a few times over the last month, and each visit gets a little better. I’m not sure how you improve on perfection but she’s mastered it.

Booking was quick and easy via email and any predate communication only helped to build the anticipation.

The date itself was wonderful, she’s beautiful inside and out, conversation flows freely on a variety of topics she’s worldly and has no problem discussing any issue.

She’s a dynamite kisser and I for one can’t get enough of her lips. She’s got beautiful eyes and enjoys eye contact, which only further elevates the experience. She gives a great massage but also enjoys receiving one in return, I love kneading the knots out of a women’s body and she really seems to enjoy being on the receiving end. Our private time will remain private, but I will say she’s a whole lot of fun and once the fun is over and everybody’s happy, it won’t be long before your trying to schedule another visit.

We’ve met at my hotel and then on a later date and her centrally located, beautiful and well appointed in call location.

As I was returning to work after our time access to a well stocked shower to cool off was welcome, I did notice there’s not a lot of scents so if your trying to be discrete like me that’s very welcome.

The date ended with another wonderful kiss and I left looking at my calendar trying to determine how soon I’d be back in town.


By horny_horacio on The Erotic Review March 2014

Went to see Nathalie because I was in Ottawa. I was interested mostly by her demeanor online and the fact that she seemed really down to earth. Many had good things to say, so I decided to go for it. She is very beautiful in person and has a natural beauty about her that is hard to describe. She welcomed me nicely and I enjoyed her company.

I had decided to go for a Nuru massage. I had never tried that and didn’t know what to expect. I was let in to her easy-to-locate place and given a nice hug. She offered me something to drink. The place was heated (for Nuru) and there were candles around. There was an inflated bed for the Nuru massage off to the side and a tray of goodies.

We sat down and chatted for a bit. She told me about herself as I told her about me. She left the room to prepare the shower and when she came back, she pulled me to her in the middle of the room and gave me a big kiss. She is a fantastic kisser and I enjoyed kissing her thoroughly. As I put my hands all over her and kissed her, we undressed and hopped in the shower.

After cleaning off, we proceeded with the Nuru massage, which was phenomenal. I really enjoyed it and she enjoyed giving it to me. The Nuru was fun and erotic for both of us and she kept at it for a while. It was not only fun for me to receive Nuru, but I made sure to reciprocate and make it fun for her.

We showered again after that and hopped in the sack. After some spirited positions and serious enjoyment, we both collapsed. We lay around for a while and talked.

After that, I thanked her and left with a goodbye kiss. All in all, it was a great experience and if I’m ever in Canada, I WILL DEFINITELY seek her out again.


By Philander39 on 03-02-2014 on Lyla

I recently saw Nathalie and she took my Nuru massage virginity

She mentioned during out session that she really hasn’t done it very often. I also noticed that there is only one of the recommendations for Nathalie in Cerb where the subject of Nuru massage was discussed. I had a fantastic time with Nathalie. The massage is very sensual but silly at the same time. Nathalie giggling while giving a body slide is definitely a bucket list experience. The whole Nuru experience was fantastic and naturally progressed to something more intimate. I won’t re-state all the things that previous people have written about Nathalie. She is beautiful, fun, silly, smart, articulate, sexy, …. etc but I will add that Cerbites should really do themselves a favour and experience a Nuru massage with Nathalie.


By sm1le4me on CERB 12-11-2013

It’s really a gift to be able to find someone special like Nat, so I would like to thank her for her time and letting me get to know her.

Nat first attracted me through her blog, which meanders from her more serious thoughts, to some of her poetry, her yoga practice, furniture refinishing, and an assortment of life’s many fun things. This was someone I had to meet.

I like longer visits, and during our email exchange figuring out our plan I had also commented about a few things on her blog, including her yoga practice and a yoga photo, aside from getting a bite to eat, so we ended up putting together a beautiful 5 hour visit, which included a yoga class, and nice lunch.

I met Nat at her incall location, which is very convenient, and really cozy. When she opened the door I was greeted with this beautiful, radiant smile, which just floored me. I just felt comfortable with Nat right away but before getting too comfortable we were out the door again and our way to the yoga class, already striking up some good talk on the way.

The yoga class turned out to be great fun with Nat, especially since I didn’t break anything and realized after much staring that this gorgeous and very flexible lady would be in my arms soon enough. Nat does have very fine yoga form.

From the class, we stopped to pick up some Sushi to go with our wine. This gave us some time for some Miso soup with a side order of warm caresses and light touches. I was beginning to see a very warm and passionate person.

We went back to the Nat’s place and chatted for a while over a glass of wine and Sushi. She is quite the conversationist with just the right amount of giggles. That old adage about someone you’ve known for years and were just catching up on lost time is true with Nat.

After a few delicious kisses we got more comfortable and began to explore the joys of touching and being touched. There is something about just lying with Nat, when she’s staring into your eyes so close you can feel her breath on you…then the passion ensued.

I am acting on my own recommendation and have scheduled my next visit with Nat.


By Foxor on The Erotic Review.

I was looking to broaden my experience and so upon looking on-line I found Nathalie’s website. Immediately I was interested, she advertises that she genuinely loves to connect with her clients and since I was craving this I figured she would be the perfect lady to help me make this GFE fantasy come true. Communication and screening was easy and fast.

The second she opened the door I knew this was going to be a unique experience with a stunning green eyed creature. Her natural beauty is remarkable on photograph but stunning in person. I couldn’t help to notice her resemblance to Kirsten Dunst. They could be sisters. Boy I was in for a treat!

The big day upon me and I was feeling especially romantic so I decided to prepare myself for this young lady and ensure I didn’t arrive empty handed at her incall location which is centrally located in Ottawa. I studied her site and got her a bottle of Ménage à Trois as well as a gift certificate from Lilac Lingerie. I drove up to Nathalie’s incall and knocked on the door. She lovingly welcomed me in with a big hug and kiss on the cheeks, took my coat and offered me a glass of wine. I could not help but notice the mood had already been set with lots of candles and low lighting. I thought that was great so I took this opportunity to offer some compliments on her beautiful space as well as shower her with gifts. She was delighted and politely asked me if she could kiss me. This set the mood of the night even more as she is an amazing DFKisser, turned me right on.

I was immediately comfortable, there is something about this lady that just calms and soothes the soul. This was very pleasing, she made me feel like we knew each other already. Heart beats obviously were escalating fast and arousal was immediate. Nathalie was wearing a very nice pair of jeans with a very sexy top, she has a great body, she is tall and athletic. He hair is edgy yet romantic, it exposes her neck in a sensual way. I could not wait to undress and ravish her. Time for more DFK, this pretty much halted the wine drinking and glasses were set down for play which was perfectly fine with me.

She had me lay down and we kissed some more. She then made her way south and gave me this great CBJ. I usually prefer BBBJ but WOW WOW WOW she blew my mind with this prostate massage technique. I can’t even describe that, it was wild! I actually asked her to keep going and not to stop. I am a seasoned man when it comes to play but this was a first for me and a fantastic way to kick off the 3 hours that were unravelling.

Finally I got to undress her, I love this part, it’s like a gift. It always gets me excited even more. As her clothes came off I realized just how sexy this woman is. Her soft skin was peaking through her lingerie and then I noticed her beautiful body art. I absolutely loved taking the time to admire, caress and kiss that part of her body. Oh and she smelled so good. There was so much so discover upon undressing her, it was quite arousing. My cock was throbbing with hunger by now and she knew it, she saw the lust in my eyes and made the most of it. She got on top of me, helped me with the raincoat and started cowgirl, she then rocked my world when she moved into Asian cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. I could not hold in my pleasure for very long so I asked her to slow down. I did not want to loose this magnificent hard on she had me sporting so we moved into missionary. That was in itself incredible. The way she moved her body in sync with mine, her hands all over my ass and back….HOT! A few more intense moments of that then I flipped her around for DG. Her pussy felt amazing on my cock. I was in heaven, just had to blow my load.

After clean up for round one and some more delicious wine it was time for some DATY with a side of Digits. I adore the look and taste of her natural, unshaved pussy. I was getting hard again, I really wanted more of that prostate massage and without having to ask she moved into 69 and raw pleasure was had. By this time I was simply loosing it with sexual satisfaction.

One more glass of wine was poured and shared over intelligent conversation. It was apparent that she enjoyed listening to me chat about my personal life as well as me listening to her personal story. Her interpersonal communications skills are quite refined. She also mentioned her yoga practice and I simply had to tell her just how much I benefitted from that. She is quite limber. After this Nathalie gave me an incredible sensual massage, the perfect way to come down from such a great high.

This lady is one of a kind, a must visit. She is very sensual and has a way about her that just makes her connect with her clients. I felt trust from the first minute we met and truly felt desired. I was very pleased with our encounter.

Nathalie offers menu items that are intriguing to me and I plan on trying some strap-on play with her upon our next meeting. She also offers really-bi play which I strongly believe earnes her the 9.

Although she is not rated on this site she is very well known on another board. I highly recommend her.


By realnicehat on CERB 08-06-2013

After countless PMs over the past few weeks I finally got to meet Nathalie this afternoon. While we had easily made an online connection I was curious to see how it would translate in person. Any concerns I may have had disappeared with our first kiss and for the next few hours I didn’t have a care in the world.

I am at a little bit of a loss for words to describe our encounter adequately. I realize that each of us will have a different experience with the ladies that we meet. I have no idea how anyone reading this would connect with Nat, all I can do is try my best to convey my thoughts and the word that keeps popping in to my head is “special”.

By special I do not mean to imply that our time together would be better than her time with someone else. It is not a means of ranking or quantifying. I simply mean that it truly felt like it was our time, and ours alone. Special in the sense that that no one else will have that exact experience. Perhaps I’m not explaining myself clearly but I suspect that those who have had the pleasure will understand where I’m coming from.

There is a potentially endless list of words I could use to describe Nathalie. Brilliant, affectionate, funny, sensual, lovely, passionate…….I could do this all day. She is exactly as she presents herself in her posts and on her blog. If you have read those and found her the least bit intriguing then I wouldn’t think you could go wrong in paying her a visit. I know that I will be repeating at the first possible opportunity.


By soafx on CERB 05-04-2013

All I have to add is that she was genuinely delighted to be in my company and genuinely eager at every stage of our encounter. She is a woman who enjoys what she does and the clients she has.


By porthos on CERB 05-04-2013

I had the opportunity to find myself in Ottawa this weekend for a conference. I don’t get to Ottawa nearly as much as I would like so I decided to take advantage of the time.

Nathalie Lefebvre is someone who caught my attention on the board some time ago. Her posts had suggested a woman of incredible intellect, and her pictures indicated a remarkable beauty. I also find her blog posts and poetry to be wonderful glimpses into the personality of an engaging woman. I was very much looking forward to meeting her. Well in advance, of my conference we began PMing back and forth. The conversation was delightful, and I was very much looking forward to this encounter.

The appointed day finally arrived and I found myself at Nathalie’s in-call. In other recommendations much has been made about the tone Nathalie sets for her encounters. I can certainly attest to the accuracy of all of these recommendations. She is a delightful woman, who immediately puts one at ease, and creates a a wonderful, playful and sensual environment. She treats you as if you were a long and cherished lover, and quite quickly, you can’t help but feel the same way about her.

Nathalie’s in-call is a charming apartment that sets the mood perfectly. As we talked, Nathalie had a surprise in store for me. Those who have been following her posts will know that Nathalie has decided to offer Nuru. We chatted a bit about that, and she asked if I would be interested in trying it out. I would be her first Nuru customer and she wanted the opportunity to practice. I’ve enjoyed Nuru massages before, so I quickly agreed. Who could possibly say no??

Out came the Nuru mattress, the gel was warmed, and wet slippery fun quickly began. Nathalie may be new to Nuru, but it certainly didn’t show. She poured the warm slippery liquid over her body, then over mine, and then we explored various styles of body rub. Nathalie’s background and experience in Yoga and Thai massage was certainly evident. Her flexibility made the Nuru experience one that I will never forget. It was a totally wonderful and playful experience. Nathalie lets you know when she is enjoying herself, and her giggles and laughter are a true delight.

Of course, as is always the case, details are best left between the participants, but if anyone would be concerned that Nuru might take away from the traditional experience, I can say put those concerns aside. The gel itself is odourless and tasteless, so all of the usual activities can proceed as usual, just with an added dimension. It only enhances the overall experience and makes it more incredible.

I hope that the next time I’m in Ottawa I’ll be able to see Nathalie again, and enjoy another Nuru experience with her. Definitely the highlight of my weekend.


By shawn23 on CERB 03-14-2013

I am going to preface what I have to say with this: if I could go back a year to when I first started this hobby I would tell myself to not waste another minute before meeting Nathalie Lefebvre.

Nat and I first started talking a few months ago and I quickly realized from her messages that this was a person worth meeting. It took us a while to arrange a date but we eventually met around the christmas break. For our first encounter I had only arranged to meet for an hour and I quickly realized after meeting her in person that I should definitely have arranged for more time but alas. That is not to say that our first encounter was not amazing and I definitely never felt rushed.

It has been said that Nathalie is an amazing kisser and I believe everyone should know that amazing is an understatement. I will not go into too many more intimate details but lets just say she is just as good at kissing as she is at… ahem other activities.

I have met Nathalie a few times since the first and each encounter has been better than the last. She is beautiful beyond explanation, smart beyond comprehension and caring in the most genuine way. It is obvious to me that this woman has the capacity to be great in whatever she does and we should consider ourselves extremely lucky that she decides to devote her time to providing intimacy to people. Those of you who have met her know what I mean when I say an encounter with Nathalie is truly unique and memorable and those of you have not met her, well, I urge you to go find out for yourself. You will thank me after.

Thank you, Nat for the amazing time we have shared and the times to come.


By frankfurt on CERB and TERB 03-05-2013

I know that I’ve already posted a review of Nathalie a few months back but I absolutely have to update my review. Everything in my initial review still stands. The only thing I have to add is that this woman, like a good bottle of red wine, just gets better and better over time. I thought the initial time spent with her was amazing but I have been treated to some unfathomable sex ever since, and I don’t see any end of it in sight!

I don’t think I need to say anything more about her body that hasn’t been said before. Her new video and pics are entirely accurate and they show off a svelt package with soft curves in all the right places and all natural breasts to die for and a beautiful face to match.

Ok, so why do I say the sex is getting better? Well, firstly, she is an amazing kisser and anyone whose been in the hobby as long as I have will know that a great session usually starts with a great kiss. If the kiss bombs, the rest of the session is sure to follow suit. That is not going to happen here. Nat loves to kiss and you’d have to be a eunich not to get into it. Once the clothes come off, and that gorgeous body is fully revealed, you can’t help but start to devour it. She responds very nicely both to the touch and to the tongue. She is not fully shaved, which for many is a huge turn-on (including me, although I didn’t know it!), and you definitely sense that she appreciates you taking the time to tend to her sensual needs as well as your own.

After you come up for air, get ready for some very good massage skills on the boys and a skilful BJ with sexy eye contact. This girl knows how to please…in so many ways. Of course, YMMV.

By the time you’re ready for the main event….you are really ready. She’s just great at pulling you in (both mentally and physically). Whether you take her in missionary or doggie or whatever is your preferred position (her body is quite flexible!), the view and the physical sensation is simply AWESOME. This woman knows how to have sex….and then you blow (your mind).

I have to say that it is as close to a real girlfriend experience as I have ever found in this hobby. For me, I simply can’t get enough of this woman.

Thanks Nat…for everything!


By Royalfun on CERB 02-18-2013

This recommendation about Nathalie Lefebvre is way overdue. My encounters with her, to my pleasure, have turned me up side down and I needed time to collect my thoughts and say it right.

My first encounter with Nathalie happened after I read a lot of her posts on CERB, her very nice website and some recommendations; something different was underneath my readings, something intriguing, but very appealing, and it is for this reason that I have hesitated so long to meet her, – way too long, now I know- .

Once I made my decision, I sent her an email to get a rendez-vous. I told her a bit about myself, gave her some references as requested by her screening process, and that was it. However, with my job and my travels, and her student schedule, I had to struggle to finally find an available date. It was worthwhile.

As soon as I saw her, or I should say as soon as we saw each other, we clicked as if we were dear lovers reunited after a long wait. Her beauty is unique: tall, she is a subtle redhead, her skin is one of an angel, and her figure, mmmm, a real young woman figure, that exemplifies her femininity. She is a natural beauty, deep and sensual.

With Nathalie, I always have the feeling that all of her is with me, on every level. She is sensual, likes to play the game of seduction, she’s a wonderful kisser, and our lovemaking is so passionate: nothing mechanical, our intimacy is built on confidence and affection. It’s very satisfying sexually speaking, but it is furthermore satisfying personally, since the relationship surpasses the moment of the encounter; it remains in me.

The sensuality of Nathalie reflects her profound beauty. And with that, she is lively, quick-sighted, intelligent, subtle, and determined. She is audacious, and open to sharing and entering into a relationship where two people can really meet and connect.

When reading her website closely, it is apparent what she really offers is of another level and that she’s not for those that expect only a sexual encounter, without any personal implication.

It has been a long time since I wrote a recommendation, but this time, having met Nathalie, where I experienced something else, I had to write and share what I lived. My recommendation is about my experience with her, an experience of sensuality, of relationships, of life. I will not enter into some description of my encounters, it would be unfair and it would hide the intimacy I’ve built with her. And this intimacy is the real gift.

What more can I say? Nathalie is an exceptional lady, her beauty surpasses the superficial, and she has a sensuality that hits the heart.

What else can I say? To meet her is a privilege. A real one.


By mrrnice2 on CERB 02-12-2013

I recently had the opportunity to visit with Nathalie. It’s been my great pleasure to have had several meetings previously with Nathalie and when I was planning this trip to Ottawa I contacted her to see if we might coordinate our schedules. Luckily for me it all worked out. As always she was prompt with her replies, very easy to communicate with and she went out of her way to accommodate me.

She is a most delightful young woman with a joie de vivre and personality second to none. On this trip I was fortunate enough initially to see her for a few minutes at the social and when we met it was simply reconnecting with a friend.

The following day we spent a significant amount of time together and every moment was a delight. She agreed to my request and we went for our second visit together to the Nordik Spa, a quiet, romantic and indeed spiritual environment . We enjoyed several cycles through the hot baths and saunas, interspersed with walks under an ice cold waterfall before relaxing in the meditative atmosphere of a chalet where we warmed up in front of a roaring fire.

Leaving the spa we enjoyed an informal meal together and then proceeded to her location. Sipping wine and conversing made the evening slip by far too quickly. She is quick to laugh and that along with her smile is infectious.

As always I do not share much of what happens behind closed doors. She and I have shared some wonderfully sensual and incredible make out sessions in the past and equally sensual and incredible experiences beyond that. On this occasion I felt a degree of intimacy that touched me deeply and the evening will be one that I shall always recall. She is indeed a sincere companion and once again I feel privileged for having the opportunity to have shared so many things with her.

Gentlemen, if the opportunity arises and you can arrange to spend time with Nathalie you will be indeed fortunate. She is a unique and special person with a heart of gold.

Thank you Nathalie for all that you have done for me not only on this visit but over time. Until next time…..


By dannyboy69 on CERB and TERB 01-03-2013

I just had the pleasure of meeting and experiencing Nathalie for the very first time today, and boy was I ever happy that I chose Nathalie. Nathalie and I exchanged e-mails and also had a phone conversation prior to meeting, which not only made me feel more relaxed, it also made me more excited to meet her, and the anticipation of knowing I would soon meet her was killing me (in a good way). When I arrived at Nat’s location, I was quickly greeted by an absolutely gorgeous girl with the nicest and warmest smile I have ever seen. I am not very experienced with the SP industry, so understandably I was a little nervous when we first met, but Nathalie has such an amazing personality that she makes you feel so relaxed. She is very smart, intellectual and she’s super funny! We started off with a glass of wine each (complimentary from Nat), and shared some discussion on many different topics such as traveling, food, and tv shows. Once we finished our wine, we began the intimate part of encounter. She is an amazing lover as she is highly sensual, loves to be pleased and on the flip side, loves to please. She says and does all the right things, is spontaneous and makes sure you leave completely satisfied. Women like Nat are hard to find, and it’s a blessing that she is in the SP industry. Cerb asks us not to give ratings, but she truly is a 10/10 and I definitely plan on meeting with Nat again in the future. Thanks for the amazing wonderful time Nat, and I look forward to seeing you in the not so distant future.


By SprintSheeba on CERB 12-24-2012

Nathalie’s ad piqued my interest as it was just what I’ve been looking for of late. “Sincere Companionship” is what it promised and Nathalie did provide.

Nat and I have been chatting since the summertime, which progressed to PMs, then e-mails. Stressed with the winter doldrums, I booked a luxurious session in her well-appointed suite.

We started with a lovely make out session on the couch, interrupted only by stimulating conversation. As clothes were shed, we moved to the bed where Nathalie had her way with me; and I was happy to oblige. Soft and tender, to “mean” and silly, Nat knew all the right buttons to push… and boy did it feel good!

A nice massage, some mutual self care in the bath, and more make out sessions on the couch rounded out a lovely encounter… Nat sent me on my way relaxed, refreshed in body, mind and soul, and ready to brave the holiday bustle and the rest of winter.


By mrrnice2 on CERB 12-16-2012

I recently was on an extended road trip and as I have tended to do of late, I included a stop in Ottawa on my journey. At that time I was fortunate enough to have been able to spend a significant period of time with Nathalie. This was our third meeting and it was ever so comfortable to see her again. It was simply as if we had had a slightly extended period of absence between friends.

Nathalie was, as always, her usual personable and intriguing self and we caught up with each others lives as we pursued an extended day. She introduced me to a place called the Nordik Spa where we did the baths, and it was something that would be wonderful experience for anyone, be it with a special SP, a significant other, or even alone. It was fun, sensual, even very much spiritual, and all at the same time. Thank you Nathalie for bringing that experience to me. I shall treasure it.

On our return to the city we had a delightful and fun meal. When she said to the server, “I kicked his ass in the eating ribs department,” it was true!!! And she did! How can a woman who is so slim and physically fit eat like that?
One day a dream will come true and Nathalie and I shall be trapped in an elevator for many hours. She is an amazing woman to make out with and our elevator experiences have been far too short!

We concluded our time with an incredibly intimate, and for me, incredibly erotic experience. There are many words that can describe an experience of an intimate nature but for me with Nathalie they may be the words erotic and sensual yet at the same time fun and playful. When we did move to the bedroom it was as if time stood still. There was nothing else on the table at that point other than a mutual desire to provide pleasure, ever so slowly (which I love), with laughs at just the right times, mutual exploration, learning each others bodies and wants and her incredible smile throughout.

Once again I will say that if you are in Ottawa and can arrange to spend some time with Nathalie she is an amazing person in addition to being an amazing woman and is someone who I truly hope to see again.

Thank you yet one again Nathalie for a wonderful time.


By Philander39 on CERB 12-02-2012

I just recently met Nathalie for a lovely session. It had been over a year since I had seen Nathalie, just before she went on extended leave.

I throughly enjoyed my 2 hour stay with Nathalie. Everything was perfect – the talk over a nice cup of tea, the very relaxing Thai massage, the beautiful kissing, the incrediably intense intimate portion of the session, the snuggling and the nice shower together. As usually, Nathalie has the incrediably ability to make you feel like you are the centre of the world. Everything seem so natural, nothing felt forced.

I have seen Nathalie three times since she has joined CERB and each time I have come away from our meetings mentally and spiritually refreshed. Which combined with the physical release brings me to a new level of peace. I’m not sure how she does it but she always leads me to a better place.

I highly recommend that everyone try to met Nathalie at least once – you will be a better person in the end.

And for those of you who have been able to experience Nathalie’s post-orgasm giggle, I imagine it falls into the same category of every time a bell rings an angel gets their wings


By neebleton on CERB 11-04-2012

This is my second review of Nathalie – it should be noted that I’m not the only client to post a follow-up review, which in itself is a statement about the quality of her company! As Jonas Salk once said: the reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.

I’ve spent a number of hours with Nat over the course of several sessions. Previously, I would get nervous before seeing a SP. But with Nathalie, for the first time it feels like I’m visiting an old friend (although this old friend is young and wickedly attractive).

Graciously welcoming me into her delightful location she immediately set a tone of friendliness and romance. The candles are lit, and just the right music plays at just the right volume. All this creates a scene for idyllic escapades. It feels like stepping into a different world.

Nathalie herself is beautiful, in an ethereal, hard-to-define sort of way. Every time I try to put my finger on it, my description wriggles loose. Her body is long and lean, and she moves like one of the great cats. It’s a joy to behold.

Perhaps the best part of the dates, though, is her conversation. Previously I said she was ‘smart as a whip’ – and I stand by that. She’s an excellent conversationalist and offers her insights with clarity, composure and confidence.

The bottom line, I think, upon seeing a SP is the question ‘am I happier for having this person in my life?’ and with Nathalie, the answer is a definitive yes.


By OutForFun on CERB and TERB 10-28-2012

Lately I’ve been feeling a need for a different type of encounter and Nathalie seemed to fit the bill. Her website is quite clear that she is a different type of provider. Slightly paraphrasing her website; she indicates she prefers encounters that foster meaningful bonds and strives to create an easy physical and emotional connection. Sometimes ladies websites are just marketing materials but hers struck me as quite genuine.

We communicated a few times back and forth before our first encounter and seemed to get along just fine. I met her at her location and found she really took the time to make it a great encounter. The room was filled with lit candles, the lights were just right and soft music played in the background. When I first saw her I was struck by how attractive I found her to be. Her pics on her website are accurate and yet they don’t do her justice. Her face is extremely pretty and overall she comes a across as lovely cross between Kirstin Dunst and Emma Watson. She has a beautiful lean body and smelled wonderful. We started our encounter with some great conversation and her bright mind really does a lot to heighten her sexuality. We then moved on to the sexual part of the encounter. I suspect this lady is also different here and probably isn’t the same way with different guys so I won’t go into any details. If you are into menu items and acronyms then she isn’t the provider for you. She goes very much with the flow of the moment rather than any mechanical steps or checklist items. Her style rather is the truest of GFE styles. It was both very intimate and very intense.

The experience was so good that I saw her again about a week and half later. The intimacy picked up where it left off and it was nice to see that part growing. She truly does like to create honest and meaningful connections with her clients. The sexual part – totally different than the first time but again just incredibly intense. This girl schooled me. Her unique personality and natural bi-sexuality just bring to light the most amazing things. I have been at this quite a number of years and Nathalie is among the most unique providers I’ve met. I think she is ideal for first-timers looking for someone who is intimate and yet sexual. She is also ideal for those tired of woman-of-the day encounters and are looking for something more intimate.


By contraman on CERB 10-18-2012

I’ve been lucky enough to see Nathalie Lefebvre before. So I decided to risk my future health and heart function and arrange a time with her and with her friend Georgiana Sweet together.

I wanted this to be something a little bit special, so I grabbed a bottle of sparkling wine and some Pringle’s (seriously, trust me, it’s great) and showed up at Nat’s downtown location, a little early, because I was eager and nervous. She had kindly brought a tray of fruit, so while I did a quick bit of work (distractedly), we caught up until Gia arrived.

Physically, the two are very different women. Nat is tall, lean, and looks the part of a graduate student — which, conveniently enough, she is. Gia arrived looking as if we could be going to a business meeting together to make a deal. Which, conveniently enough, we weren’t. She is not as tall as Nat; where one woman’s hair is short and slightly punky, the other’s is black and slightly reminiscent of Liz Taylor in Cleopatra. Where Nat’s body is lean and long her skin is a bit tawny, Gia’s is a classic hourglass with truly spectacular breasts and ass and lovely ivory skin.
We chatted and sipped wine and got a bit comfortable with each other… and then, we got much more comfortable with each other. I didn’t want something as shallow as two cooches to pound side-by-side, two mouths to suck me.

What I had hoped for was some real interaction and mutuality. And wow. Without doing an inventory of this and that and the other, we spent the better part of two hours enjoying each other in various combinations and permutations. One would become the focus for a time; then the focus would shift. Both Nat and Gia are fans of the strap-on, and that is a bit of a thing for me, so to see these two gorgeous women simply WEARING them was enough to make me feel as if my skin had been transformed into a lit sparkler. Add on the tastes, the smells, the visuals…

Then, when the toys and the fingers are used, in various but safe manners… well. Oh my.
Why was it amazing for me? Okay, two stunning women. Yeah. But more than that, these are two stunning women who are funny and smart and like each other. And then there’s the luck and intangible stuff — chemistry. We three were able to laugh together. To tease one another — verbally and otherwise. To enjoy each other’s company as well as the sex. All of that heighened the experience. At least for me. And I think, for my two friends as well.

An experience like this is like going to the best restaurant in the city – name the city. A memorable treat that you’ll think about forever, and is almost too special to do ALL the time. But when you have the time, and the money, and you feel you need or deserve an experience — you really need to do it.

My heart function still appears to be normal. But bring along a defribillator just in case, okay?


By neebleton on CERB 09-27-2012

Smart as a whip, with a stunning combination of gentleness, humour and grace, I can say without exaggeration that Nathalie’s a wonderful lady.

By Areez on CERB 09-23-2012

Where to begin with Nathalie…

I suppose I should start with noting that I’m overdue with this recommendation. I’m not very diligent when it comes to writing them ….

I’ve known her since she started on CERB. From the chat room chit chat and posts I knew there was something intriguing about her. I started seeing Nathalie last year, before she took a break and recently I had the privilege of reconnecting with her.

If you are wondering, I never get into details about any encounter, but know that she is a very lovely (hence the and bright girl! There are often times when her intelligence intimidated me, hahaha. But never worry as she is very easy going, flirty and super fun to be around. She will leave you in awe and you will yearn to return into her arms, just to be embraced by her arms and loving innocent smile.

Thank you Nat for the excellent time we’ve shared, and the time we will share in the future


By contraman on CERB 09-14-2012

I had to be picky and drop a half-point from location because you do have to ensure you’re giving yourself enough time on the parking meter. Be careful! Ottawa meter folks are nothing if not diligent.
But enough bitching about minutiae. I’m still navigating the complexities of hobbying. But what I can say is that as an assistant navigator, you could do a lot worse than Nathalie.

If you’re looking for a pneumatically-enhanced woman with a big head of hair and see-through heels, move on. Nathalie is not that.

If you’re looking for someone whose repertoire of moves comes from watching tacky pornos, move on.
But if you’re looking for an experience that defines intimate and can move into profound, then yeah, Nathalie is who you should get to know.

I’ve seen Nathalie several times in the last little while. She makes you feel a welcome guest in her place. And she’s (IMO) as sexy as hell in a frank, funny, charming, and unaffected way.
And if you are interested in finding someone who can help you explore anal play with things like strap-ons? Ummm. Yeah. Or should I say Ohhhhh yeah.

I’m not going to give you a play-by-play, because what happened or happens with me may or may not match up with what happens to you. But I will say that my experiences have been remarkable ones that I suspect that I will think about for a long time coming.


By frankfurt on CERB and TERB 09-11-2012

A huge shout out to Capital Man for his review of Nathalie Lefebvre (Nat).

Every once in a while you find someone with whom you can really “click”. The chemistry is overwhelming and the experience leaves you anticipating the next time before you’ve fully experienced the first time. That is what it was like seeing Nat. Very pretty, gorgeous white skin throughout and a great conversationalist.

She makes you feel like a long awaited boyfriend as soon as you walk in the door and that continues on with amazing DFK throughout, all the while clothes start to come off and the next thing you know your on the bed with an enchanting mistress.

I usually give so much more detail in a review but it feels like I’m reviewing a “friend” and I don’t feel comfortable going into the details. Suffice it to say, my experience with NAT could only be described as the ultimate GFE experience. Maybe it was the chemistry, maybe it was the great location, the really cozy room or maybe it was something else but I just connected with this lady and the entire experience was simply awesome.

Repeat? There is no doubt that I will be repeating again and again and again. Nat is a true gem. Treat her right gentleman and you will not regret it.

OK, I’ll throw you all a bone, the view from behind is simply outlandish!!

And by the way, the pics on the website are very accurate.


By fh101 on CERB 09-01-2012

I met Nathalie for the first time yesterday, and it was quite simply an incredible experience. She was very warm and friendly from the second I stepped through the door. She welcomed my me with with a great smile and a hug, and in a very sexy short black dress and stockings.

It was my first time with an SP, so I was somewhat nervous at first, but Nathalie put me at ease within the first 10 minutes of our encounter. That was about the same time we started kissing, which we continued doing for a while, (she’s great at it) while undressing, caressing, and touching each other until we were in our birthday clothes. Ok, she did keep her nylons on which, by the way: super-hot on her long slender legs!!!

We then moved on to the bed, where a number of great things happened. I’ll skip the details, but needless to say I thoughroughly enjoyed myself (and Nathalie).

I thought Nathalie was amazing the whole time. The recommendations here on CERB were spot on about Nathalie’s friendliness, her charm, her skills, etc. I never felt like she rushed anything. This was just a wonderful evening from start to finish, something I wouldn’t mind repeating again.


By osray on CERB 08-20-2012

Had the chance to enjoy Nathalie’s company this evening. Suffice it to say that all the good things that are written about her are true – we had a delightful time in which we were able to connect as two people, and allowed the physicality to proceed from the authenticity of enjoying each other’s company. A good time was had by me, and I don’t think I am stretching too far in suspecting the fine Nathalie enjoyed herself as well.


By detfolk on CERB 08-19-2012

I was greeted by a delightful slim lady with a handsome face and engaging smile. I soon discovered how charming and witty she was. We had a chat and I started to kiss her long fingers and soon, her luscious lips met mine. Nathalie kisses like a goddess, and she kisses a lot.

Nahtalie is totally dedicated to her client, and enjoys every moment of an encounter. She endeavored to fullfill each wish I had, and I was never disappointed. Her skillful fingers roamed my body, exploring every orifice, going deep and bringing unknown and vibrant sensations. In the end, she straddled me gently, letting pleasure slowly build up… until explosion.

After a playful shower, Nathalie hugged me tightly, the conclusion of a wonderful rendezvous in heaven.

Nathalie is an immensely generous lady, the most exciting I have ever met.


By mrnice2 on CERB 25-05-2012

I recently had an opportunity to reconnect with Nathalie in Ottawa and as with our first meeting it was a beautiful and fulfilling experience.

Nathalie has been away from Cerb for a while and I was ever so fortunate with my travel times to have been in the Ottawa area at a point when she has returned to Cerb.

As incredible as our first meeting had been last summer, I was a little nervous about meeting her again and when she arrived to see me that feeling disappeared instantly. In a rather unique way or context we were like friends resuming a conversation that had merely been interrupted by a short passage of time and we fell into step with each other immediately. I have to say too that her selection of “the little black dress,” was perfect.

Acting on my suggestion and her recommendation we had a lovely meal at a rather interesting and for me different restaurant downtown within walking distance of my hotel and as is always the case with Nathalie the conversation covered many areas and we did indeed catch up. Her laugh and smile are as contagious as ever and her eyes capture you with their intensity and sincerity. The walk back to the hotel completed, we continued with our catching up in a far more intimate way.

The time spent both while we were out and while we were in the privacy of my room was time that I treasured and will continue to treasure.

It has been my honour and my pleasure to have been able to meet with Nathalie, and I wonder how long before we shall catch up again. It is something that I already anticipate for many many reasons.
Thank you Nathalie for being you and for giving me the opportunity to know you as I do.


By Philander39 on CERB 10-11-2011

Once again I have a late review for Nathalie. I had the honour of seeing Nathalie at her well located downtown location a week ago. This was my second meeting with her. Needless to say, my morning meeting with Nathalie was a fantastic way to start the day.As noted in the previous reviews, Nathalie is a beautiful young woman who is very smart and down to earth. While sitting having tea we ended up talking along a whole gamut of things ranging from moving, True Blood, government policies, tea, the legal profession and Nathalie’s love of bylaws.I especially like voyageur819’s analogy of the radio receiver that tunes to your frequency. Nathalie definitely has the inane sense of when things should progress to the next level. After our conversation, things just naturally progressed to intense kissing, which Nathalie is extremely good at.

After an excellent makeout session, things then proceeded to the bedroom where an intense round of DATY began. I would highly recommend that you follow Nathalie’s recommendations (orders ?? LOL). I closely followed Nathalie’s lead and was greatly rewarded for the experience … I literally had to hold on for dear life !!

I definitely would recommend to my fellow Cerbites to make the effort to see Nathalie relatively soon. Her availability is limited and I have a feeling that she will be heading off to bigger and better things in the future.


By voyageur819 on CERB 09-21-2011

I’ll have to agree with everyone here, hands down my best experience ever. I feel elated and will probably will for some time. A really truly beautiful young woman inside and out, soft skin, passionate assertive, attentive great kisser and best of all, speaks frenchLike a radio receiver that tunes to your frequency and transmits sweet music back at you..The thai massage was great and very relaxing. She made me feel comfortable as I was a little nervous.

Great location, welcoming atmosphere. will definitely repeat the experience.


By mrrnice2 on CERB 09-12-2011

May I say first of all, that I feel a little like the guy who is the subject of that Playboy joke – you know, I only read it for the articles. Well, it was the articles that attracted me to Nathalie initially, and I have discovered that everything about her is equally stimulating.We had corresponded for quite a while prior to my trip to Ottawa and we had commented a great deal on each others forum contributions. It was clear that she and I are truly from different worlds – experiences, interests, geographies, and in so many other things, but those differences are as intriguing and fascinating as any other experience that I have had with my Cerb involvement.Nathalie and I spent a great deal of time together in Ottawa over a period of two days. Honestly I was a bit nervous of having planned so much time with a woman that I had never met and only knew through correspondence and a couple of telephone calls. I expect that she was nervous as well, but did not show it, and going into our time together we both felt that all would be wonderful. How correct we were in that assessment.

For me, by my own definition, this was probably as close as one can get to a true girlfriend experience within the context of Cerb. She and I biked the Rideau Canal together and had a picnic overlooking the locks. And we talked. A lot. She is an amazing woman who I am so fortunate to have been able to connect with, and she and I shared a great deal with each other about our different worlds.

We biked through traffic (Ahhhhh !!!!!!) to her incall location where we had the most incredible makeout session while still sweaty from our biking. A beautiful shower together was the preface to her giving me a Thai massage which is something that she has recently trained in. That was the perfect thing for my old and aching muscles following our strenuous (at least for me) biking jaunt.
Dinner and conversation while sitting out on the patio at a delightful Italian restaurant was wonderful and as the time passed we were both more than ready to get the bill and walk back to my hotel.

I was thinking about things other than talking when we got in the elevator. Nathalie likes to say herself that she enjoys making out like a teenager and the closing of the elevator doors was the signal. Once in the room the oversize tub was filled to the top and after that, I shall leave anything else to your imagination.

In conclusion, and perhaps one should not make the following comment on an individual persons recommendation, but I shall anyway. I have never had anything but a positive encounter since I became involved with Cerb. Every encounter has been different, and my different experiences with Nathalie are ones that I shall treasure.

I will see Nathalie again without any question if and when there is an opportunity and I would also love to be able to spend as much time with her as I did this time. I am also equally certain after having met her that a much shorter encounter would leave you with equally positive feelings when you left her presence.

Thank you Nathalie for sharing a part of yourself with me in such a delightful and personal way. We shall see what the future holds, but best of luck to you and may it be true that I shall never need a lawyer, but when I do can you be the first one that I call?


By Philander39 on CERB 08-27-2011

I saw Nathalie a few weeks ago but I haven’t had the chance to send in my recommendation. If I remembered correctly she said she would be going on holidays at the end of August but I would highly recommend to all my fellow Cerbites to definitely keep an eye out for Nathalie’s fall schedule.My session included the Thai massage and as was noted by others, it really helps increase your flexibility and loosens you up nicely. It also is very relaxing, I purposely asked Nathalie about the massage so as to keep her talking to keep me from dozing off. Luckily, for me she is a very good guide to the massage techniques used in Thai massage and not only kept me awake also taught me a few things.Nathalie’s incall location is centrally located and very discreet. I visited her on a scorching hot day and her place was cool and comfortable. In fact her bed was cold when we finally got to it but we quickly got it warmed up!

As everyone else has said in previous postings, Nathalie is a very attractive and smart person. She has a great smile. Her eyes light up when you are in convesation with her. She is also a damn fine kisser and very cuddly. She is also probably my most favourite shower partner also.
I highly recommend to my fellow Cerbites to make an appointment with Nathalie. I’m already saving up my pennies.


By TRman on CERB 8-24-2011

I finally had a chance to meet this young lady. I thought it was an outstanding experience. For some reason I felt like I was with a real person (not always the case). Seemed to be a connection. A+. I will definite repeat. Nathalie is someone who you could easily spend an afternoon with lying in bed with a few bottles of wine. Can’t say much more than that. Have a great vacation.


By burnsey on CERB 08-21-2011

I recently had the joy of seeing Nathalie Lefebvre on a recent trip to Ottawa. I am not really adding anything new to the consistent great reviews that has already been posted on this Board about this lady but i did want to share my experience and confirm what previous reviewers have already written. I haven’t had many opportunities to ‘Hobby’ in Ottawa but i was feeling the urge and after reading reviews about Nathalie, reading her own intriguing posts, checking with a few guys that had seen her and reviewing her website i knew i had to meet this lady.There was an easy exchange of emails to set up the encounter and she arrived promptly at my hotel room for a two hour session. I was pleasantly surprised to see such a pretty face upon opening the door. You only get to see a sneak peak from the pics posted on her website/CERB profile which doesnt reveal much detail but the whole package in person is amazing. She is a hot ‘girl next door’ with a great smile and beautiful eyes and not to mention a smooth finely toned body. Nathalie is very easy to get to know, well educated and great conversationalist.

We began the seesion with some chit chat over some wine to get to know each other better. Nathalie would occasionally sensually touch my arm or my leg as we talked and before long we started some LFK which brought us to the bedroom and we began a make-out session reminiscint of my teenage years. It was super hot as Natalie knows how to deep kiss and rub her body against yours to excite !. Clothes were then quickly shed and i wont go into a lot of other details of what happened between the sheets but it was sensual, sexy and very hot. She seems to know what a guy likes and responds accordingly. The two hours flew by all too quickly. Her outgoing nature made our time a truly unforgettable experience. Can’t wait to see her again and would highly recommend !! In fact a second session is already planned for next month. !!


By radicalsteve on CERB 08-02-2011

I had just a mesmerizing time with Nathalie. Her Thai massage really works wonders – as a competitive runner and cyclist, I can vouch for the spiritual and metaphysical attributes of her training – very worthwhile. As for the sensual contact, it is sublime and equally invigorating. Nathalie is very comfortable in her own skin and she made me equally comfortable and stimulated! She is not only a class act, but a true courtesan as well. Your time with Nathalie will only be limited by your own carnal capacity to contribute to orgasmic delights …. she is your pathway to sexual nivirna.


By Bond007 on CERB 07-28-2011

I second everything what other posters have to say.She was my first after being at mp scene for long time.It was a great choice.She is a beautiful person.Very intelligent and very sexy.I won’t repeat what everyone has said before.Time flies when you are with her.She is awesome in all respects.


By sexnonstop724 on CERB 07-11-2011

A truly smart and intelligent lady who has so much to offer. A mindful listener who can put one at ease and create a connection beyond physical attraction. Stunningly beautiful to start with, she is also very down to earth and has the “Girl next door” sweetness. She knows what she likes which makes the experience mutually satisfying. A true Gem and will have to go back to see her again soon.SNS724


By Phaedrus on CERB 06-23-2011

Having been entertained and informed and intrigued by Nathalie’s posts here on CERB for a while, I decided it was high time I got to see who was behind them. An initial email quickly became an interesting and stimulating exchange, increased the anticipation, and by the time I showed up at her incall I was looking forward to finally meeting her.I wasn’t disappointed… Nathalie is just as friendly and intelligent in the flesh as online; add beautiful eyes, beautiful smile, and a beautiful rest of her too, and I was clearly in for a treat We sat and chatted for a little… and before I knew it we’d been talking for quite a while – yes, she’s that engaging. And awesome though that is, there’s more fun to be had. Lots more fun.So, the clothes were banished, things were heated up somewhat (Nathalie’s skills in the kissing department are fantastic, as others have noted), orgasms were duly hunted down and… er… had. And then some lying around in a pleasant haze (despite the fact that we were probably well over time by then, although I didn’t notice until I looked at my watch after I’d left) before it was time to say farewell… until we next meet. Which will have to be soon…


By antoine de boury on CERB 06-03-2011

I can’t speak too highly of Nathalie. She is just a lovely young woman. Very smart, very funny, extremely sensual, and very giving. This is my first recommendation. I was getting “disenamoured” (funny word, I know, but it kind of works) with hobbying. I was needing to connect with a real person. If you need to relate, and you’re a true gent, try Nat


By blue_eyes56 on CERB 05-31-2011

I’ve seen Nathalie a few times and she’s like a cute grad student – smart, confident and purposeful on campus but even more direct when the clothes come off in the bedroom. She’s the most amazing kisser – everything is long, hard and wet – and knows exactly what she likes when I go down on her, pulling my hair this way and that until fully satisfied. Nathalie is also open and very giving in her sessions, a good example being my introduction to ass play.

She took her time, gradually building from one finger to two, then a butt plug, and finally a dildo, eager but patient, assertive yet gentle, and unbelievably intense, especially as she worked away with that last toy. I honestly can’t say who was more aroused, her face was hot and flush, so attentive, and utterly focused on my experience, my pleasure. Although exposed in many ways, I felt safe and in control because Nat is, more than anything, caring. A unique woman.


By v**i on CERB 05-14-2011

Those of you who follow the threads here will know that Nathalie Lefebvre is a warm person and a provoking, wise thinker with a social conscience that she is willing to back up courageously and respectfully. I liked her right away on CERB for this alone. I had little idea that our emails back and forth subsequent to meeting through the threads would lead to an encounter that opened up a sexual and spiritual awakening that keeps astounding me whenever I think about it, which is very often these days. Yes, I did say sexual and ‘spiritual’, a very important choice of terms when it comes to Nathalie. This is the more than amazing part.After building rapport and a good dose of sensual anticipation in our emails, I booked a two hour session at Nathalie’s centrally located incall. Happy to say the place was easy to find, discrete, clean and welcoming. When she opened the door I felt an immediately warmth and was transfixed by the woman I saw before me. Her eyes are so clear and vibrant, they just shine with beauty. She is in every way a beautiful woman.We spent the first moments of the session discussing to see if the sense of connection we had established in our emails would open up for us in person. It was even more natural and intense than I hoped. A first kiss left me astonished.

This is the point when the unusual begins to take over. We meditated. Yes, that’s right. Here I was alone at last with this beautiful, wonderfully desirable woman, and we sat next to each other, not touching, clothed for the next twenty minutes following a guided meditation on a cd, focussed upon breathing and being mindful, candles, incense, mediation pillows and all.

Never did I imagine that I would be doing this, but when she suggested it I was very intrigued and decided to leave myself open to the possibilities. Am I ever happy I stayed open about it! Turned out to be completely mind-blowing. As my awareness deepened through the meditation and sense of nearness to her, everything slowed right down and became so present and amazing. By the time we started touching this deep mindfulness became unbelievably erotic. I am so limited to faithfully describe the uniqueness of the next hour. The intensity was breathtaking. Every touch was perfect and felt like a complete sensual experience on its own. In this appreciative state I could explore all the gifts of her body as we slowly undressed. The rest I leave to respect the wonder and intimacy of it all, except to say as our touches and rhythms carried us along in this kind of slow perfection, I was delighted to understand that Nathalie’s passion more than matches her intellect and beauty. Many times, and certainly at the very end, we laughed with what felt to me like a sense of real joy.

‘Spiritual sex’, a phrase that now has a wonderful meaning to me. Who knew? I guess this would not be for everyone (I am certain Nathalie’s regular services would be sublime on their own), and yet everyone should be lucky enough to have this kind of experience at least once with someone they can connect with. Certainly, chemistry has to be right, no question there. But really, gentlemen, if you can connect, this lovely yogini is a miracle worker. In my happiness, I am officially ten years younger, body and soul. Looking forward to trimming off another ten years soon!