Up, up and away

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I just got back from a yin yoga class, and it was amazing. Yin yoga is a slower practice, that often includes long holds for deep stretches. It’s good when your mind is busy and you need to calm down. I haven’t practiced in 2-3 weeks, things have been very hectic with work and life. It seems that my yoga practice is the first thing I let go of, which is unfortunate because it’s probably what I need the most! Regardless, I’m back to it, and feeling amazing.

November is a month of travelling for me. I will be in Turks and Caicos with some girlfriends, and then I’ll be in the U.K. for work. Checkout my calendar for November if you want to know the specific dates I’ll be away. I live an incredibly charmed existence. I’m hoping to read a good book on the beach, do some snorkelling, and then in the U.K. I hope to find a new pair of cashmere mittens, a hat, and scarf. Possibly a new sweater too, we shall see. Something like this, perhaps? If you click on the picture you’ll see the store it’s from. I’ll be in Edinburgh and London. I’ve never owned cashmere in my life, and it’s so soft… I think my body deserves it 😉 (don’t you think?)

Last time I was in Edinburgh I bought an amazing gin from the Edinburgh Distillery. It was a Rhubarb and Ginger Gin. I still have two bottles left, but I was thinking of bringing home a bottle of the Elderflower Gin. Looks amazing (I wonder what it tastes like?) Ask me to make you a cocktail and I happily will – especially if you bring me a bottle of something to experiment with (all of my friends know this, since they constantly ask me to make them fancy drinks).

My life is amazing. I’m so  happy to be alive. 2015-2016 were years of change and turmoil in my life, and 2017 will involve a lot of change, too (positive change, I hope!). But you know what always remains the same? My resilience in the face of adversity and my quest for personal fulfillment. I love myself, that’s constant. I can always depend on myself and I feel good about that… I always pull through 🙂


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